Stephen In A Storm

Stephen In A Storm

The Fusion Of Meditation And Painting
I begin each day before sunrise with a formal session of sitting meditation. Upon completion, I set the intention to practice mindfulness throughout ordinary daily activities. I start painting immediately after sitting. It is usually still dark and quiet as I continue to practice bare attention while I set up the easel, mix paint and apply the first stroke. Just as one never knows what thought will appear next, I never know what paint passage will occur before it is applied. I do not effort to paint creatively; rather I paint intuitively instead. I allow the process to unfold spontaneously. I notice my resistance to everything unpleasant. I see my attachment to everything pleasurable. Meditation and ordinary activity are not two different things. In a meditative state of mind, I drop attachments to the outcome and let go of the fear of failure. The finished piece is often a surprise! Thus far, my paintings seem to be about the experience of space, time and transition rather than fixed objects. I endeavor to continue to investigate the fusion of meditation and painting. I'm excited to watch this project unfold and can't wait to see what happens next. That's why I wake up so early in the morning.  -Stephen

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"Not Two Duo"  30 x 20 oil painting on metal panel

"Not Two Duo" 30 x 20 oil painting on metal panel