Alternative living space documentary. Spirit Forest; single woman builds and inhabits a sturdy tent mountain outpost in Colorado. 

Ask me anything style Q&A vlog episode.
Day in the life of digital nomad photographer, film maker Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter.
My physically difficult, mentally challenging and emotionally stirring climb to the 1970 mountainside crash site of Wichita State University's chartered airplane.
Leaving Grayrocks Reservoir, traveling to Leadville, Colorado via Wichita State Plane Crash Memorial.

4x4 Adventure over Mosquito Pass Colorado with iconic nomad Bob Wells.

Glendo Reservoir Wyoming after the Eclipse.
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter and Traveling Tuesday camp at Glendo Lake, Wyoming to document the 2017 Great American Eclipse.
This is a short description of why I've been living off the grid on high terrain.
Storm camping during the Phantom Canyon, Colorado flood.
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog; Leaving Kansas, Storm camping on the High Plains of Colorado; Preview of the Phantom Canyon flood.

Kansas City storm damage. Dangerous tree work. Solar power to the rescue.

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog; My personal experience with pet GPS tracker.

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog: Thunderstorm in Camp!

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog: I Am the Dragon Fly Whisperer
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog Episode: Attack of the Killer Mowing Machines.

Cyclone Drifter Vlog: Raccoon Invasion!

Tuesday Kitty; Should I give her up for adoption?
Nomadic artist life; Installing a couple 40x60 metal prints in an office building.
Traveling Tuesday goes traveling without Cyclone Drifter!?!?!?
Cyclone Drifter and Traveling Tuesday kiss and make up after a stressful start to nomadic life.
Am I making good decisions as a Cat-Daddy? You dear viewer be the judge.
Testing my solar power generating station prior to van installation.

When you have to break camp and drive to the city for a business meeting at noon!

This rock is like none of the others. Where did it come from???
Camp Cooking with CYCLONE DRIFTER.
Follow me as I go off grid and embark on an expedition of art, inspiration and adventure; living the life of a digital nomadic artist making movies, photography and painting .