Glendo Reservoir Wyoming after the Eclipse.
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter and Traveling Tuesday camp at Glendo Lake, Wyoming to document the 2017 Great American Eclipse.
This is a short description of why I've been living off the grid on high terrain.
Storm camping during the Phantom Canyon, Colorado flood.
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog; Leaving Kansas, Storm camping on the High Plains of Colorado; Preview of the Phantom Canyon flood.

Kansas City storm damage. Dangerous tree work. Solar power to the rescue.

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog; My personal experience with pet GPS tracker.

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog: Thunderstorm in Camp!

Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog: I Am the Dragon Fly Whisperer
Stephen Locke Cyclone Drifter Vlog Episode: Attack of the Killer Mowing Machines.

Cyclone Drifter Vlog: Raccoon Invasion!

Tuesday Kitty; Should I give her up for adoption?
Nomadic artist life; Installing a couple 40x60 metal prints in an office building.
Traveling Tuesday goes traveling without Cyclone Drifter!?!?!?
Cyclone Drifter and Traveling Tuesday kiss and make up after a stressful start to nomadic life.
Am I making good decisions as a Cat-Daddy? You dear viewer be the judge.
Testing my solar power generating station prior to van installation.

When you have to break camp and drive to the city for a business meeting at noon!

This rock is like none of the others. Where did it come from???
Camp Cooking with CYCLONE DRIFTER.
Follow me as I go off grid and embark on an expedition of art, inspiration and adventure; living the life of a digital nomadic artist making movies, photography and painting .